by Dana Micucci

New York journalist Lena Leone is beautiful, successful, and has a devoted boyfriend. Yet something is missing. When her editor sends her to Paris to investigate and write about a stolen Renaissance masterpiece, the Portrait of Giovanna Tornabuoni, she becomes immersed in a dangerous art scandal that tests her to the core and jeopardizes her life. Lena's haunting visions of Giovanna in Renaissance Florence turn up the heat.

The Third Muse combines mystery, suspense, history, and spirituality with radiant eloquence. Dana Micucci masterfully explores the timeless quest for wholeness through the soul connection of two women six centuries apart. At the heart of her exquisite novel is a story of unbridled heroism that will inspire strength and courage in women for generations to come. Discover the seven life-altering initiations that lead Lena not only to solve the mystery of the stolen painting but to open to a more expansive love.

What people are saying:

This beautifully written mystery ... expresses a deep heart-centered wisdom inspired by Renaissance ideals and the goddess archetype. In our own time of great change and rebirth, Dana Micucci celebrates the return of a divine feminine consciousness and the power of love. ~Marci Shimoff, New York Times bestselling author of Happy for No Reason and Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul

Dana Micucci's The Third Muse is a wonderful blend of spirituality, history, suspense, and intrigue. At its center are the deep divine feminine mystery teachings of the Magdalene Order. This novel serves as a powerful vehicle of awakening and remembrance for the many present-day members of this Order who have yet to discover who they are. ~Catherine Ann Clemett, author of Soulweaving and co-author of Anna, The Voice of the Magdalenes

The Third Muse is a captivating read! From the intriguing international art scene to time-traveling through the Renaissance, you will be inspired and touched by the spiritual exploration of this book. ~James F. Jereb, Ph.D., award-winning author, visionary artist, and founder of the sacred site Stardreaming

The Third Muse offers us the wisdom of the ages through a mystery that leaps timelines and the limitations of consciousness. Dana Micucci weaves the esoteric teachings of sacred geometry and the Flower of Life into a narrative bridging the modern day art world and the artistic beauty of the Renaissance era. From New York City to Paris, France and Florence, Italy, the power of the Divine Feminine comes to life as a tangible force for the collective consciousness, inviting us to awaken. Captivating and mysterious, The Third Muse speaks to us all and reminds us of our forgotten selves. ~D. Anderson

I was hooked from the moment I started reading this book! Five days later when I finished, the very depths of my soul had been touched by the brilliance of the author and the magic woven throughout the entire book. I felt as though the Renaissance period came to life as well as the intrigue and spirituality that were spun like a golden thread across the pages. I again was reminded of the light we share that crosses the centuries. Thank you, Dana, for this marvelous gift of rejuvenation for our souls! ~BBM



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