Sacred Site Journeys of Light
to Accelerate Your Ascension
with Dana Micucci
Do you feel an urgency to refine your self-mastery and expand your sacred service mission?

Do you yearn to travel to sacred sites without worldly distractions and the significant time commitment and resources required?

Would you like to travel effortlessly over and over again to your favorite sacred sites and continue to unlock the powerful spiritual gifts they offer?

In this unique 8-part audio series, travel with Dana on fascinating, life-changing journeys to some of the most powerful sacred sites on Earth, based on her personal on-site experiences over many years.

Tap into the high-voltage light and ancient esoteric wisdom held by sites that pulsate with healing energy and raise the vibration of all who come into contact with them.

If you have not attended Dana’s online sacred-site retreats, don’t miss this opportunity. And if you did, you can enjoy even MORE in this one-of-a-kind, curated collection, gathered together for easy access and ongoing exploration.

The Sacred Journeys
1.   Infinite Love: The Holy Land
Walk in the footsteps of the Essenes and Jeshua at the legendary sacred sites of Nazareth, Mount Carmel, Jerusalem, Sea of Galilee, and more. Receive activations and energy transmissions from the Essenes to heal your heart and mind and expand your Christ Light so you can be of greater service. This community of healers and desert mystics, known as the “children of the light,” nurtured Jeshua and Mary Magdalene and continue to serve as wayshowers for our time.
2.   Mary Magdalene and the Cathars in the South of France
Immerse in the divine feminine mysteries of Mary Magdalene to more fully embody your own divine feminine wisdom and power. By some accounts, Magdalene traveled to the South of France to continue teaching the Way of the Christ. Merge with her sublime high-heart energy in magnificent vortexes of light, including her holy cave on the Sainte-Baume mountain. Connect with the Cathars and their transcendent way of life at their ancient cliff-top stronghold at Montségur. 
3.   Mysteries of Ancient Avalon
Embark on a search for the Holy Grail through the mystical land of Avalon—a centuries-old pilgrimage site where King Arthur, Guinevere, and the Knights of the Round Table created the utopian court of Camelot. Receive energetic upgrades and activations at Merlin’s otherworldly cave at Tintagel, the famed Tor and Chalice Well in Glastonbury, and Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland. Discover the true meaning of the Grail as you walk the leylines and raise your frequency in planetary service.  
4.   Stargates of Bolivia and Peru, Part 1
The energy of our planet has now shifted to this magical part of the world, heralding a new paradigm prophesied by the Inca that is marked by a rebirth of the divine feminine and the power of the heart. Travel to Lake Titicaca, a transcendent planetary birthing portal. Receive initiations on the Island of the Moon and Island of the Sun to integrate your divine masculine and divine feminine energies as you reconnect with the original earthly paradise and your Lemurian roots.  
5.   Stargates of Bolivia and Peru, Part 2
Enter the multidimensional portal of Aramu Muru in Peru to deepen your connection with Mother Earth and your starseed lineage as you more fully embody heaven on earth. Gain greater access to your ancient gifts and talents. Advance to the next level of self-mastery in the Amazon jungle, abode of shapeshifting shamans, and Machu Picchu, a major planetary stargate that transports you through time and space to exhilarating new worlds and higher-dimensional experiences.  
6.   The New Human and the Mayan Temples of Light, Part 1
Activate the New Human template on the New Earth at transporting Mayan temples of Light—including Uxmal, Chichen Itza, and Oxkintok on the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico. Like ancient Mayan mystery-school initiates, undertake a metaphorical transformation into the feathered-serpent god Kukulcan—representing the fully realized Christed being who unites spirit and matter, heaven and earth, within itself. Realign with your divine destiny to live the life you have always imagined.  
7.   The New Human and the Mayan Temples of Light, Part 2
At the exotic Mayan sites of Palenque and Tikal, nestled in the remote jungles of Mexico and Guatemala, delve further into the powerful, transformational wisdom of the Maya—intergalactic wayshowers of the ascension who are lighting our way forward during these intense evolutionary times. Learn how to master time and your divine creator abilities. Reconnect with Mother Earth and the elements to reignite your sacred sensuality and shamanic power. 
8.   Mystical Tibet
High up on the “roof of the world” in the sublime, towering Himalayas, experience blissful states of awareness, deep peace, and serenity at the Jokhang Temple and Potala in Lhasa, Ganden and Drepung monasteries, and the Wesak Valley—site of a legendary gathering of ascended masters who release a divine dispensation of Light and Love to Earth each year. Immerse in transcendent Buddhist wisdom to calm your heart and uplift your soul. 
On each of these transformational journeys, Dana shares timeless esoteric wisdom and practices, along with on-site initiations, activations, meditations, and energy transmissions, assisting you to: 
Heighten your time-travel and multidimensional skills
Accelerate your self-mastery and ascension process
Further activate your divine blueprint and soul mission
Become an instrument of healing and planetary service
Receive light codes for cellular regeneration and transfiguration into the New Human
What people are saying:

“Dana Micucci’s Sacred Site Journeys of Light was life-changing for me. These journeys include experiential on-site initiations and energy transmissions with a fascinating history lesson on each of these ancient sacred sites. During each Sacred Journey session, I traveled beyond time to a place where I could feel a connection with my higher self as well as a special sense of healing.  Dana led us into a meditative state that helped me to feel at one with the sacred sites. I was especially transformed by our journey to Mystical Tibet. I could envision myself in the clouds of the high Himalayas at the Jokhang Temple. I felt at home with my soul in this faraway place, while also feeling the energy and healing that came from being there. Dana has been able to distill her many years of sacred travel and deep spiritual evolution into a program that enables you to accelerate your own spiritual growth while also helping to heal our world. I highly recommend Dana’s Sacred Site Journeys of Light to anyone on the path of enlightenment!” ~Carol, Illinois

“I keep going back and listening to these audios—really wonderful!” ~C.N., California

“I went into a complete trance on this call. Amazing. I have been to some of these sacred sites and felt like I was truly transported there again. These journeys are like a story that pulls me in. The energy work perfectly coincides and, for me, is the biggest gift. The balance is just right. Really amazing how each journey has its special gifts. Wow. Powerful and magical.” ~S.B., New Mexico 

“Dana’s Sacred Site Journeys of Light is an amazing experience. You travel to these ancient sites, guided by Dana’s deep knowledge, where you learn and experience more than you would reading and researching these sites for years. The journeys are truly unique. Each with its own sacred teachings, where you feel transported to the beautiful energy of that land and participate in very specific guided meditations. I felt deep and lasting energetic shifts with the journeys and truly enjoyed being able to revisit them again and again.” ~Cathy, Florida 

What Is Included
Eight downloadable audios (55-83 minutes each)
Slide shows for each journey with images of the sacred sites
Reading list for each journey
Dana’s popular talk The Healing Power of Sacred Sites (downloadable audio, 38 minutes)



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