Infinite Love
An Online Retreat in the HOLY LAND
with Dana Micucci

Enjoy an updated, abbreviated version of my Holy Land retreat in this powerful three-part series, Infinite Love: An Online Retreat in the Holy Land.

The sacred sites of the Holy Land ignite a profound shift in consciousness that realigns you to original Source energy.

My visits to the Holy Land were truly transcendent and miraculous.

Though I am not planning to offer this retreat again "on the ground" in the Holy Land, you can now travel there virtually through this unique offering.

Delve deeply into the esoteric wisdom and practices from the Essene-Gnostic-Christ Mysteries—including meditations, initiations, ceremonies, and energy transmissions—to assist you in navigating these uncertain times with greater ease, peace, and well-being so you can thrive at your maximum potential.

Expand your Christ consciousness, and experience the timeless healing wisdom of the Essene Way at legendary sacred sites like the Garden of Gethsemane, Mount Carmel, the Sea of Galilee ... and more.

What people are saying:

So magnificent was this journey, the initiations, wow, and the transmissions, so light-filled. Your photos were great, as I could feel in more deeply with the visuals. I have felt some strong shifts within myself with each session. And the energy building after each of the initiations was just magnificent. Thank you. Words aren’t enough.  ~ D.N., Massachusetts

Thank you, Dana. I went so deep. And now I can feel this current flowing through my being...a clearing and washing away, like it could be the crystalline energies anchoring, settling more deeply into my physical body and awakening in me. It was a beautiful and deep experience. Thank you so much for guiding us to such depths and openings. ~ J.B., Canada

A big Thank You for an amazing journey through the Holy Land. I was awed by the energy, and the experience was off the charts. So connected in with the Essene Family and the gifts they shared. The experience has exceeded my expectations. ~ S.P., Nevada

The Holy Land experience was amazing! I was woozy afterwards, felt all kinds of things moving through and many tears.  ~ K.C., Tennessee

This was such a powerful transmission. I can feel so deeply that the infinite Christ light is the healing that will assist us at this time.  ~ V.M., Oregon

Walk in the footsteps of Jeshua, Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, and other mystery-school initiates through this sublime vortex of Light to:

Raise your light quotient, and accelerate your ascension process.

Access deeper levels of Divine Love, Wisdom, Power, and Joy.

Reignite your Christ Presence for transfiguration into the New Human.

Advance to greater self-mastery, and further activate your soul’s mission.

Receive and transmit light codes for personal and planetary healing.



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There has never been a more urgent time to reclaim your true Divine Power as a way-shower of the New Earth!

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