Energetic Upgrade for a Personal and Planetary Reset
with Dana Micucci

Dana shares esoteric wisdom and practices, along with cutting-edge ascension technologies, to assist you in navigating these uncertain times with greater ease, peace, and well-being, so you can ride this exciting tsunami of change at your maximum potential.

Step into a field of pure Divine Light for rapid healing and transformation.


Raise your light quotient, and accelerate your ascension process

Further activate your original divine blueprint

Advance to new levels of self-mastery, and embody your higher calling

Become an instrument of healing and planetary service

Receive light codes for cellular regeneration and transfiguration into the New Human

What people are saying:

This was absolutely sublime. The shapeshifting work was glorious! ~Kay

Thank you for this beautiful meditation. You are truly gifted in taking us to these amazing places within our heart space and transporting us in time and space. What a wonderful gift for this time. I am ever grateful. I know I will enjoy this meditation over and over again. ~Kathleen

I was so moved, I couldn't even speak for a while. It was such a powerful reunion. ~Cass



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