Portal to Paradise 
An Online Retreat in Egypt 
with Dana Micucci

In this updated, abbreviated version of my Egypt retreat, experience the profound shift in consciousness that the sacred sites of Egypt can so powerfully ignite.

Delve deeply into the Egyptian Mysteries -- with esoteric teachings, meditations, initiations, ceremonies -- as you walk in the footsteps of ancient mystery school initiates through Egypt's sublime temples of Light and Transformation. Raise your light quotient, and accelerate your ascension. Further activate your soul's mission. Cultivate deeper levels of love, joy, and abundance ... and more.

I am not planning to offer this retreat again "on the ground" in Egypt. If you were not able to attend my previous retreats in Egypt, you can now travel there virtually through this unique offering.

Join me in one of the most powerful, high-frequency spots on Earth and advance to even greater heights of self-mastery at legendary initiatory centers like the Great Pyramid, Temple of Isis, Luxor Temple ... and more.

Past participants have called this retreat "the most transformative trip of a lifetime" and "magic from beginning to end."

What people are saying:

Wow, Dana. This was powerful! I have listened to this presentation four times already. There was so much information, and I wanted to make sure to go through the whole initiation very consciously. I am still integrating the multiple experiences of the various initiations. So perfect! You did a magnificent job in this presentation. So much work went into it. I cannot thank you enough for sharing this exceptional experience with us. ~ S.S., Michigan

Intense, amazing, I loved it!  I’m so glad we have these meditations recorded. Thank you so much! Connecting with Hathor, Sekhmet, and Isis was beautiful. And then the Temple of Luxor, wow, so powerful! There was so much Joy! Transporting in so many ways. ~ K.Q., Massachusetts

Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I can't begin to find the words to describe the incredible, beautiful, enlightening journey you have taken me and all of us on in these three online sessions. Not only could I visualize right with you I could feel the depths of my soul remembering being in these ancient temples. So many lives I have remembered but not with the clarity, heartfelt and somatic experience of these three journeys. The chants and prayers resonated through each cell of my body and I spoke the words you taught us as if they were in my native language. I feel so very blessed to have been a part of this voyage with everyone and so deeply grateful to have been led by you. ~ G.H., Pennsylvania

I am loving this...still processing this magnificent experience we’ve all been part of....How this journey impacted my life, I can only say there are no words in the English language. ~ J.G., California  

This online series is so beautiful. It was great not to have the 3-D distractions we had when we were on the retreat in Egypt last year. This is so powerful for our ascension journey!  I’m so happy I can keep listening to these audios again and again. ~ E.L., New York  

Walk in the footsteps of ancient mystery-school initiates through Egypt's sublime temples of Light and Transformation to:

Further activate your soul's mission.

Raise your light quotient to be of greater service.

Accelerate your ascension process.

Cultivate deeper levels of love, joy, and abundance.

Receive and transmit light codes for personal and planetary healing.



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There has never been a more urgent time to reclaim your true Divine Power as a way-shower of the New Earth!

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