Crossing the Rainbow Bridge 
An Online Retreat in Sacred Bolivia and Peru
with Dana Micucci

Join me in an exhilarating three-part series, Crossing the Rainbow Bridge: An Online Retreat in Sacred Bolivia and Peru.

The sacred sites of Bolivia and Peru are among the most powerful ascension accelerators on Earth.

My on-the-ground visits to these sites were life-changing.

For the last 13,000 years, the spiritual energy of the Earth was thought to be located in the Himalayan Mountains of India and Tibet, where human consciousness expanded through the divine masculine qualities of the mind.

Just after World War II, Earth's spiritual energy was said to have begun shifting to the Andes Mountains of South America, near Peru, Chile, and Bolivia, anchoring a new era of divine feminine consciousness through the expansion of the heart.

The time to unite both heart and mind is NOW!

Immerse in the esoteric wisdom of the indigenous Andean tradition—along with meditations, initiations, ceremonies, and energy transmissionsto expand your joy, further activate your soul's mission, and raise your light quotient, so you can be of greater service at this critical threshold of planetary transformation.

Travel with me across the rainbow bridge, advancing to even greater heights of self-mastery at the sacred sites and stargates of Lake Titicaca, Island of the Moon, and Island of the Sun in Bolivia, as well as Aramu Muru, the Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu in Peru ... and more.

What people are saying:

Truly amazing. Soooooo exciting and so needed. It was such an activation. Energy was jumping all over my body from tip to toe. Stunning! So wonderful to discover these power places. Your commentary was so beautiful and aligned and perfect. I loved the vibrations. Very much love and thanks to you, Dana, for the powerful, beautiful images and sacred journey and the amazing knowledge you shared. So great for this great shift on earth. I have been replaying your beautiful journey daily. ~P.T., New Zealand

Thank you so much for this retreat! Powerful and magical. I am in a deeply altered space still. I felt the circle so strongly at the altar and at the Intihuatana stone. I felt such unity with the cosmos. So grateful for the space you hold and the love tangibly expanding into the world. ~A.H., New York

Thank you for leading us on this amazing journey. I am so thankful to have been able to participate. I’ve wanted to travel to Peru for a while, and this experience has truly given me the sensation of being there. I appreciate the imagery and information provided. The guided visualizations, meditations, activations, and ceremony were really powerful. I feel like I reached deeper parts of myself and got to know myself more deeply as a multidimensional being. ~A.B., North Carolina

Magical things have happened to my body as I have been convulsing through the details of your INCREDIBLE Journey! So magical, so powerful. I loved, loved it. I am so grateful. The energies of these sites transmit just as powerfully online. Thank you!  ~A.J., Canada             

Walk in the footsteps of ancient initiates through the stargates of Bolivia and Peru to:

Further activate your soul's mission. 

Raise your light quotient to be of greater service.

Reconnect with your Lemurian roots and star heritage to accelerate your ascension. 

Cultivate deeper levels of love, joy, and abundance.

Receive and transmit light codes for personal and planetary healing.



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There has never been a more urgent time to reclaim your true Divine Power as a way-shower of the New Earth!

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