Awakening the Mystic Within:
A Course in Self Mastery for Higher Living

by Dana Micucci

  • Are you craving more meaning beyond the daily routine?
  • Are you trying to bring more purpose, passion, and balance to your life?
  • Do you feel something is missing despite your achievements and worldly success?

I invite you to take part in this INITIATION INTO THE SECRET TEACHINGS OF THE AGES, an experiential audio course where you will learn how to:

  • Embody your truth and highest calling more fully and inspire others to do the same
  • Operate more consistently from a place of deep gratitude, trust, and joy
  • Dissolve all obstacles to fully receiving life's gifts
  • Live from a place of heart-centered detachment and aligned flow
  • Become an instrument of sacred service and a healing force through your very presence

Part I:

Module 1: Ancient Civilizations: Lessons from Atlantis and Lemuria
Healing Atlantean soul trauma, reclaiming your ancient gifts and talents

Module 2: Goddess Archetypes and Embodying the Divine Feminine
Decoding your goddess blueprint, reinventing relationships for fulfillment on all levels

Module 3: Egyptian Mysteries, Part 1
Dying to your divine life, initiation at the Great Pyramid

Module 4: Egyptian Mysteries, Part 2
Your soul's journey though time, initiations in Egypt's temples of light to reignite your true power and purpose

Module 5: Alchemy
The Great Work: YOU. Seven alchemical steps to inner transformation and self mastery

Module 6: The Essene Way of Life
The ancient Essenes as a model for our time -- mystics, healers, children of the light

Part II:

Module 7: Christ Consciousness and the Holy Grail
Initiations into the Grail mysteries to activate your divine blueprint

Module 8: Healing, Part 1
Cutting-edge, alternative healing technologies to catalyze healing on all levels

Module 9: Healing, Part 2
Additional advanced healing technologies rooted in ancient wisdom

Module 10: Ascended Master Teachings
Accelerate your soul's expansion with timeless teachings and practices from the ascended masters

Module 11: Eastern Mysticism
A step-by-step manual for enlightened living from the Eastern mystics of the ages

Module 12: Indigenous Wisdom of the First Peoples
Raise your light quotient with Mayan, Incan, and Aboriginal wisdom

This course includes twelve 80-120-minute MP3 audio recordings with in-depth esoteric content, transformational practices, and energy transmissions.
What people are saying:

This remarkable course enlightens, entices, astounds, and captures all of you. Dana's expertise seems never-ending as she helps you navigate these timeless mystery teachings. I love the guide meditations. You will continually be uttering, "Wow!"  ~LA, Yardley, PA

These teachings and tools have taken me to a new level of spiritual embodiment and enabled me to live more deeply and fully. I have a more powerful vision of who I am and what I can become. Perfect for the modern mystic! ~VJ, New Mexico

I felt a poignant change in my physical body after I listened to the first module of Awakening the Mystic Within. I was experiencing some severe pain in my lower back, which seemed to have dissipated. I was walking this morning and on the way practiced your meditation. Amazing! God is certainly using you and your work to help others and open minds and eyes that may have otherwise remained closed. ~Bonny, Altanta, GA

I loved Dana's New Mexico retreat, and her excellent audio course Awakening the Mystic Within takes that work even further and deeper with so many powerful new teachings and practices that I have integrated into my daily life. I have listened to the modules again and again and  feel a direct connection to the wisdom of the ages. If you want a lasting transformation from the inside out this course is for you! I don't know of anything else like it. ~Catherine, San Francisco, CA

Awakening the Mystic Within is a profound course that weaves and reveals the ancient esoteric truths of many traditions. Dana is a wonderful teacher! Her life passion for the spiritual truths, travels to sacred places, and personal practice shows her amazing depth as a teacher and mentor. These recordings, including the transformational practices and exercises, are effective for anyone on a spiritual path. Dana is a delight to listen to. ~Cindy, Denver, CO

For me, it was about more than the content of this excellent course. It was the energy behind Dana's words that affected me on a deep level and took me into another dimension, beyond time and space, which was life-changing. I now have knowledge that I didn't have before. And I feel empowered in my life and healing work with others. ~Dr. Beth M., Pittsburgh, PA

This course is a spiritual feast, and I feel like I have a front seat at the banquet! ~Tempril Z., Virginia



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