Activate Your Light Body
with Dana Micucci
Do you want to be of greater service as a planetary lightworker?

Would you like to be a healing force through your very Presence?

How would it feel to walk the Earth as a true master?

As Mother Earth continues to shift to a higher frequency, our bodies are also changing at the cellular and molecular levels so we can hold more Light and ascend to higher consciousness.

While powerful cosmic energies are now aiding this alchemical transformation, esoteric practices from ancient wisdom traditions can assist further in raising our light quotient to build and activate our light bodies—an ongoing process whereby our energy fields are gradually infused with and realigned to light. We don't have to leave our physical bodies (die) to do this. We can inhabit our light bodies while operating within ordinary space-time, here and now.

There has never been a more urgent time to activate your Light Body. In this unique 7-part audio series, walk in the footsteps of ancient mystery-school adepts and learn how to progress to higher stages of Light Body so you can heal yourself and others, raise your vibration, and realize your highest potential.

Based on Dana’s popular on-the-ground retreat in New Mexico, immerse in this high-frequency experience, without 3-D travel distractions, to catalyze your transfiguration into the new, fully embodied Divine human being of Light—homoluminous.  

Light Body Sessions
Session #1
• Why is it important to activate your light body now? Mystics and adepts throughout the ages—including Atlanteans, Egyptians, Essenes, the Maya, Tibetans, and indigenous shamans—mastered their seven main energy centers (called gates, seals, and, in the yogic tradition, chakras) to activate their Light Body and step fully into their true divine essence and power.

• Begin this foundational work to clear, open, and rebalance your root, sacral, and solar plexus chakras with shamanic practices, ancient primordial movements, and a powerful Tibetan energy practice. Fee more grounded in your body, unleash your creativity, and experience more joy and abundance.

• Learn the secrets to manifesting (or magnetizing) with greater ease and speed and live more consistently in “the miracle zone.” 
Session #2
•  As you ascend the ladder of your seven main energy centers, clear, open, and rebalance your heart, throat, and third eye chakras.

• Immerse in ancient Egyptian, Tibetan, Essene, Mayan, and shamanic wisdom and practices to heal, soften, and expand your heart; release energetic blockages to truthful self-expression; and refine your intuitive gifts.

• How to care for and activate your pineal gland, called “the seat of the soul,” to reconnect with your multi-dimensional Presence and gain greater access to the higher realms of Light. Steps to cultivating vibrant, optimal health and well-being.
Session #3
• Clear, open, and rebalance your crown chakra with teachings from the ascended masters and a powerful rainbow bridge activation to unify your seven main energy centers.

• What exactly is the Light Body? The Light Body is known by different names in various wisdom traditions. The goal of ascension is to become a perfected being of light, the ultimate stage of human development.

• What are the 12 stages of Light Body and how do you progress to higher levels? Ascension symptoms/mutations and how to manage them. 
Session #4
• Learn the secrets to Light absorption. Invocations and practices to increase your Light quotient. Light technologies to stabilize mutational symptoms.

• Receive transmissions and practices from the Egyptian tradition to fuel and advance your Light Body.

• Experience a powerful Light Body activation in the Great Pyramid of Giza, known to ancient mystery-school initiates as the Temple of Beauty, where you come into full possession of your gifts and powers.    
Session #5
• Explore esoteric Mayan teachings and practices to clear dense energies from your body, heart, and mind; create beneficial energetic shifts; come back into balance; and activate your Light Body. Harness solar energy for healing.

• Discover Essene (Gnostic/mystical Christian) wisdom and practices to experience a complete inner transformation; open your high-heart ascension gateway; more fully embody your Christ Presence; perform the sacred inner marriage; and activate your “Resurrection Body” (Light Body).

• Learn how to perfect heart-centered detachment and move into an aligned, effortless flow with the energy of the universe.
Session #6
• Experience high-frequency transmissions from Mary Magdalene—the divine feminine counterpart and mystical equal of Jeshua—who activated her Light Body.

• Learn how to transmute density and transform matter into Light with sound.

• Immerse in mystical teachings and practices from the Tibetan Buddhist-Dzogchen tradition to activate your “Rainbow Body’’ (Light Body). How Tibetan monks attained “Rainbow Body.” Work with space and Light to raise your frequency and attain true liberation. 
Session #7
• Ignite the sacred geometry of your Light Body—the merkabah (or merkaba)—an Egyptian and Hebrew word for the spinning field of energy, light, and information that radiates from the body as a star tetrahedron, or Star of David.

• Reconnect with your multidimensional Higher Self in direct alignment with Source/God/All That Is and travel freely between dimensions.

• Experience a 10th Ray-Light Body meditation to encode your Body of Light into your physical body.
In each of these sessions, Dana shares advanced, esoteric Light Body teachings and practices from the Egyptian, Essene (Gnostic), Mayan, Tibetan, and shamanic wisdom traditions, assisting you to: 
Gain greater access to your gifts and talents.
More clearly align with your soul mission.
Accelerate your self-mastery and ascension.
Step more fully into your true Divine power.
Tap into new levels of peace, joy, love, and abundance.
What people are saying:

"Dana's retreat "Activate Your Light Body" was one of the best, if not THE BEST retreat I've ever attended (and believe me I've been to many). Her knowledge of multiple traditions is vast, her explanations of energy flow and activations are relayed in a simple, easy to understand and fun fashion. The meditations were powerful, and most people feeling immediate shifts. Dana is someone who truly walks the walk, is full of joy, love and above all humility."  ~ Cathy H., Florida

“Just astounding and a gentle way to open my heart, spirit and mind to the lessons and paths that are so sublime and profound.”  ~Betty S., Pennsylvania

"Dana, cannot thank you enough (nor quite find the words) to tell you how amazing, meaningful, and light-filled your teachings were."  ~C.N., California

"Dana managed to achieve an exquisite balance of simplicity, profound depth of exploration, silence, laughter, and of course, Love. It takes a special teacher and Muse to inspire this in others."  ~A.B., Connecticut

"Dana presented a lot of in-depth spiritual wisdom in an easy-to-understand, accessible way. I found it incredibly interesting...and I thoroughly enjoyed every magical moment!”  ~La, N., Pennsylvania

What Is Included
Seven downloadable audios (6.5+ hours)
Reading list
Secret Tibetan and Essene Light Body mantras
(Downloadable audio, 10+ minutes)



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There has never been a more urgent time to reclaim your true Divine Power as a wayshower of the New Earth!

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